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NATO/KFOR re-opens the upper airspace over Kosovo to civilian air traffic overflights

Brussels, Belgium – On 3 April 2014, the upper airspace* over Kosovo was re-opened for civilian traffic overflights. 15 years after the Kosovo crisis, this is a significant step towards aviation normalisation in the Western Balkans.

EUROCONTROL: improving the efficiency of European air navigation is top priority

Improving the efficiency of European air navigation is the most important task of the next few years in order to allow the company to compete with American service providers said Joe Sultana, one of the directors of EUROCONTROL in Brussels.

New Hungarian Developments Presented at the World ATM Congress Exhibition in Madrid - Press Release

HungaroControl presented new products and services of its Centre of Research, Development and Simulation (CRDS) at the air traffic management sector’s prestigious professional exhibition organised between 4 and 6 March, 2014. The products and services offered by the Centre to air navigation service providers improve safety, cost-efficiency and environment-friendliness in air traffic.

HungaroControl is attending World ATM Congress 2014!

Among others, a promising academic research will be presented at the stand in connection with HungaroControl's R&D and simulation centre, CRDS. Visit us and learn more (booth #1216)!

New Awards from HungaroControl

At the company's annual partner gala on 30 January 2014, CEO Kornél Szepessy evaluated the past year and handed out awards. Since 2008, the Best Customer Award is given to the airline company that has contributed significantly to the achievement of HungaroControl’s strategic goals in a given year.

HungaroControl Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programme Launched

With the co-operation of the key participants of air navigation industry, HungaroControl’s new customer satisfaction and service improvement programme has been launched with the fundamental purpose of improving the services on the basis of feedback from various airlines.

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