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Legal basis


EU Regulation 95/93; as amended by EU Regulation 793/2004 (“the Regulation”); this regulation provides the basis for slot coordination/schedules facilitation in the EU Member States and deals with conditions, the role and powers of the coordinator, coordination committee, airport capacity, allocation process, monitoring, sanctions, etc. Of particular importance is that the slot coordinator/schedules facilitator carries out its duties in an independent manner and acts in a neutral, non-discriminatory and transparent way. EU 95/93

National law; the Hungarian Aviation Act refers the task of slot allocation/schedules facilitation at Hungarian airports to HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co.



IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG) is a detailed outline of the prodcedures on managing the allocation of scarce resources at congested airports on a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory basis. It is amended every half year. Latest version of WSG

EUACA Recommended Practices; (European Airport Coordinators Association) has developed Recommended Practices on the interpretation, clarification and implementation of the EU Regulation. EUACA


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